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Chillin’ with my nephew Blake

Aug 25, 2014

LB as the “1st astronaut” in her school play/musical

Jun 12, 2014

I wasn’t able to go to this (stupid work) but I’m proud of my baby girl! She will be joining the ranks of hormonal middle schoolers this fall!

Jun 10, 2014

Good tournament little Bird! You had a long night of 4 games in a row, proud of you son!

Jun 7, 2014

Lana & her best friend Alexa are growing up! Going into the 6th grade means they get hang out with us in “big church” before going to MSM (Middle School Ministries).

Jun 1, 2014

Double date night at Disneyland with good friends.

May 18, 2014

That one time at Hume Lake last year

May 9, 2014

I remember going to the library a lot as a kid. My dad was a big reader & my mom was always willing to drive my brother & I pretty much whenever we wanted. It was a big library, too, at two stories. I rarely took the elevator and almost always ran up the stairs to the kids section.

I didn’t always read a lot when I was there & I didn’t check out a lot of books, but I still liked going and hanging out, often for hours. I had many interests (military history, Disney, outdoors/camping, helicopters, art/drawing, architecture, travel, science, etc, etc) and the library was the perfect place to absorb everything. Ironically, I don’t read a whole bunch now as an adult. Still, libraries were an integral part of exploring the world through books during my childhood so they have a special place in my consciousness.

I think I read then much like how I read from the internet now- whatever strikes my fancy at that particular time is what I will read, never really settling on one topic for too long for fear of missing out on something new just over the horizon. I didn’t want to learn or know everything about something, I wanted to know something about everything.

Today I took Ian to the library to get his library card. He has been asking for a while, since his school handed out applications for library cards a few weeks ago. Ian filled out the form by himself (I helped a little), brought it to the counter himself, signed (printed) his name the back of the card and checked out 2 books. As much as I hoped he would have chosen a book I liked (Choose Your Own Adventure FTW!) instead of a Pokemon book (yuck), I don’t want to hinder his (hopefully) growing love of the public library by dictating what he can and can’t check out simply because I don’t like it or want him to read what I used to read so I can relive my library days. The only thing I want him to take away from this experience is that libraries are great places. Not as an escape, though sometimes they are, but more as a destination.

Seriously though, Pokemon? He’s sort of into Yu-Gi-Oh at least, but I can’t wait til he’s more confident with his reading so we can play Magic: the Gathering or other similar card games. But that’s a post for a different time.

May 1, 2014